Blades of Furry

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Blades of Furry
Author(s) Deya Muniz, Emily Erdos
Update schedule Weekly (Sundays)
Launch date Dec 20, 2020
End Date Ongoing
Genre Romance, sports
Official Trailer published by WEBTOON on 23 July, 2021

Blades of Furry is a romance/sports webtoon created by Deya Muniz and Emily Erdos and published by WEBTOON.


Emile is an up-and-coming skater in the beloved sport of Skate Battles, a high-stakes combo of figure skating and martial arts. Radu is a well-known senior skater and several-time champ with the world at his feet. However, during an ill-fated match between the two, Emile discovers Radu's secret, which could threaten to destroy him. Will Emile keep his secret? Or could this rivalry turn into something more?.


As of Mar 7, 2022, Blades of Furry has a rating of 9.60/10, 421,248 subscribers, 24,4 million views, and 2,6 million likes across all 53 (+ 3 more on Fast Pass) currently available episodes on WEBTOON.

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