Black Wolf (Louisiana)

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Black Wolf (born 1984) is a fursuiter who lives in Metairie, Louisiana, U.S.A. His fursona is a twelve-tailed male arctic/timber/dire-werewolf mix.

Black owns two fursuits: Black Wolf by White Wolf, and Atmosphere Wolf by Latin Vixen.

Conventions and meets[edit]

Black Wolf regularly attends Southern furry conventions, including Rocket City FurMeet, Furry Weekend Atlanta and Mephit Furmeet. He also attends FurFright, which his mate, Silver Wolf, helped start.

Black regularly hosts meets for the Louisiana Furs at his house. He is also the executive chair of the planned Gulf Coast Furry Con.

Other activities[edit]

Outside the fandom, Black Wolf enjoys working on computers and car audio systems. He and Silver Wolf live with their two dogs, Tucker and Shade.

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