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BlackTeagan, also known as Teagan Gavet, is an artist and animator who used to live in Oregon, with a brief stay in Washington, and has also lived in Colorado with fellow artist Kenket. She has a bachelors in arts and works full time freelancing.


BlackTeagan is personified as a black coyote, typically wearing a green and white striped scarf.

Fandom involvement and art[edit]

BlackTeagan art has appeared in Sofawolf Press's Heat. She attends conventions and on occasion takes commissions.

BlackTeagan has collaborated with Kenket under the name Blotch. In 2007, BlackTeagan and Kenket were Guests of Honor as Blotch for FA: United in August, as well as Oklacon 2007 in October, and in May 2008 for the second Rocky Mountain FurCon. Blotch was also a GoH at Further Confusion 2011 and Furry Fiesta 2014. In 2011, BlackTeagan was a Guest of Honour at Feral! 2011 in Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada.

BlackTeagan was Art Director on The Kennel Club collectors' deck from Coyote Tangent and continued with the Wish You Were Here calendar, which released at Midwest FurFest 2006.

BlackTeagan has done some minor illustrations for Sofawolf's publicaton, New Fables, comics and illustrations for various volumes of HEAT, as well as layout design for Kenket's Artistic Visions book, also from Sofawolf.


In 2012, BlackTeagan was named as one of five nominees for the 2012 Russ Manning Award, in recognition of her penciling of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice[1][2]. The award, targeted toward newcomer comic book artists whose professional works have appeared within the previous two years, is to be awarded to its winner at the Eisner Award ceremony during Comic-Con International. This is her first personal nomination for an award.


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