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Other names Ayla Kurone
Born 1995
Profession or hobby Writer, musician, artist
Character species Caracal

BlackStatic, also known as Ayla Kurone, is a writer, musician, and artist who lives in New South Wales, Australia.[1] Under the name of Black Static Productions, she is the creator of The Hollow World Chronicles and Evolvers Trilogy. She also composes music for Hybrid Hardkore.


Ayla Kurone[edit]

Ayla's fursona is an anthropomorphic Caracal hybrid bearing powers over light and electromagnetic energy.


Ayla's body is covered in a short to medium-length orange-tan fur, growing white over her cheeks, nose, neck and underside. She stands at 5'8" with a lean yet strong build. Sprouting from her shoulderblades are two silver wings, tipped with black. They resemble the wings of a seagull. In her alternate form, her wings are broken into six metallic blades or "ribs". Her ears, paws and tail are black, with thick white bands on her forearms. Her green eyes are ringed with black, and turn silver when angered or using her powers. A large round notch in her left ear is her most recognisable facial feature. Her tail is long and fluffy, similar in shape to a snow leopard's. Her shoulder-length black hair is jagged-looking, and her fringe - died bright blue - hangs over her right eye. Occasionally she is drawn as a fat fur, typically with her avian wings.

Ayla's main outfit consists of a grey hoodie, with blue and black striped sleeves. She wears blue and black rave pants, or a pair of denim shorts. She is often seen in a blue tank top.

Character Biography[edit]

Ayla was originally known as Aryana, the serpentine goddess of Light. She controlled the lunar and solar patterns of Hallyara; a fictional land created by BlackStatic, based on the planet Kepler22b.

When Hallyara was attacked Aryana had no choice but to reincarnate on Earth into the body of a chosen host, Ayla Kurone, and share her body through a form of spiritual possession known as 'mind merging'. Ayla's mortal form gained the powers of her dragon counterpart, including a set of 'rib wings' she can create by channeling her aura. However, as Aryana plays the role of Ayla's consciousness, she cannot let her dragon self be attacked or wounded by metaphysical forces; if an attack were too strong for her mortal self to handle, both Ayla and Aryana could be killed.

On some rare occasions, Ayla can astrally travel out-of-body using her dragon from. This is a skill she lacks experience in though, and she has not yet developed a way to protect her physical self during this state of trance. She is also capable of sharing her consciousness with others, for short periods of time only - this ability will only work if both recipients are willing to share the mind merge.


Ayla’s weapon of choice is Mirahime; a magic staff with the ability to fold in on itself, forming a handheld chakram. The weapon features two scythe-like copper blades – they work by reflecting the attacker’s fear and/or intentions back at them, using these images as a psychological barrier for defence.

Kaigan Kurone[edit]

Ayla's other fursona is Kaigan "Kai" Kurone, a black dingo used to represent her brother or male self. He is a joker at heart, often playing pranks on his friends and finding ways to turn even the worst situation into something that can be laughed at later. He is a relaxed and laidback individual who follows a hippie lifestyle, even sporting a prized green kombi which is his permanent residence.


Kai is of roughly the same height as Ayla Kurone, yet a slightly more muscled build makes him appear larger. Like the caracal, he will walk on his toes though this is less commonly seen. His ears are large and forward facing, complimenting his canine appearance. His black fur is short and shiny; with gold and silver markings similar to those of his female counterpart. His chest and stomach are white. Down his arms and legs, three silver spots contrast the gold stripes on his tail. His eyes are bright sapphire blue with two distinctive gold triangles under each. Hanging messilly over his face, his blue-black hair is streaked with silver and grows to his waist. Sprouting from his back are silver damselfly wings, which he keeps folded. He is unable to fly.

Kai's outfit consists of baggy faded jeans - torn in the right knee - with a red leather belt. Though usually topless, his t-shirt is brown with a green spiral on the front. His fashion tastes are mostly tie dyed shirts or hemp jackets.


Instead of using weapons, Kaigan prefers to use his powers to control water. He is a healer who utilizes natural shamanic plants for their various psychedelic properties.

The Hollow World Chronicles[edit]

The Hollow World Chronicles is an ongoing project started by Black Static Productions in 2007. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where humans have died out, it follows the lives of animals living in Borneo. Merah, a Bay Cat, is the main protagonist of the first book.

Hybrid Hardkore[edit]

Previously known as Freakradio, Hybrid Hardkore is an electronic music project started in 2010 by BlackStatic and Fyrus. Originally, Fyrus would provide album art for any music the label released. This changed over time, as Fyrus' position was replaced by Servadile. As of late 2011, Hybrid Hardkore is run solely by BlackStatic, who uses two separate aliases to distinguish between music styles. BlackStatic is Hybrid Hardkore's alias for happy hardcore, hard trance and oldschool rave, whereas other experimental tracks are released under Dissonant Rhapsody.


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