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Bingo Dingo lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and has been a part of the furry fandom since the late 90s. Bingo lives with FlameDrake, AtPaw and Oz Kangaroo, in a sharehouse.


[edit] Fursona

His fursona is a male Australian dingo with some magical powers, based mainly around metal control (nothing akin to Magneto).

[edit] Art and writing

Bingo draws anthropomorphic art, and displays his works on Fur Affinity ,deviantART and VCL, as well as having a website since updated, yet still lacking a gallery, which he plans to remedy some day. (Very big note on "some day"). He has also dabbled in writing, but not very much.

[edit] Interests

Apart from having the obvious fascination with dingoes, Bingo also likes avians and bats. Both enough to have a character based around each. He is a mild raver, Parkour fan, DDR player, fire-twirler, tribal designer and full-time worker.

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