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Taylor, also known as TaylorxxWolfie and bieber90pink, is a furry artist, fursuiter, gamer and pegasister.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Taylor discovered the furry fandom in 2012, at which time she knew very little about furries.


Taylor's fursona is a female wolf with grey fur with the same name. She sports white markings on the neck, paws and tail, which has a dark grey ring near the tip. She has red eyes and a neon blue tongue. She occasionally wears green earrings and a red bandana around her neck.

Her original fursona was called Sasuke.


Taylor's Fursuit

Taylor owns two partial fursuits, both of which she constructed herself:

  • Tycon - A male fennec fox with green eyes and colorful fur.
  • Benton, - A male bunny with black eyes and white fur.

She also made a fursuit head of her fursona. She bought a head base and furred it herself, with help from her dad.


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Taylor first joined Fur Affinity when she was 12. Other users[who?] tried to tell her she was too young to be on the site, but she ignored them and eventually she got suspended from Fur Affinity,[citation needed] prompting her to try to bypass the ban by creating another account,[citation needed] to be banned yet again.[citation needed] At 13, she tried once more,[citation needed] with the expected results.

After several times trying to circumvent the bans,[citation needed] she was IP banned,[citation needed] causing Taylor to move to deviantART.

Back To Furaffinity[edit]

Taylor's IP address was recently changed, which gave here the impulse to see if she could access Furaffinity, and she was able to. She decided to create a new account. She put an open apology on her profile.

"My name is Taylor. You may know me as the furry stalker, but please listen to me. I have changed. I've come back not to stalk, but to share my amazing talent with the furry community! I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to anyone I made feel uncomfortable like 3 years ago. I'm no longer the creepy stalker kid I used to be! I have learned that being a stalker is no way to make friends. But I promise I won't stalk anyone ever again! I'll be a good girl ok?"

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