Beyond the Western Deep

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Beyond the Western Deep
Author(s) Alex Kain and Rachel Bennett
Update schedule Saturdays
Launch date January 1, 2012[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre  ?
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Beyond the Western Deep is a webcomic which is written by Alex Kain and illustrated by Rachel Bennett.[2]


Beyond the Western Deep is set in The Four Kingdoms, a landmass comprising the kingdoms of Sunsgrove, Aisling, Navran, and Kishar.[3]

Before a treaty ended countless years of war and racial strife, the many races of the land found themselves constantly at odds, unable to maintain even the simplest of alliances. This all changed when the Canid – a strong and ambitious race from the frozen and bitter Northern Wastes – invaded Ermehn lands in what is now Aisling. Battle lines were drawn, and all races in the land were pulled into a massive war that claimed thousands of lives.

The Treaty of Cenolau, named for the neutral city at the very center of the continent, ended the conflict, drawing borders around the kingdoms for the very first time. There is little hope it will succeed.


The main characters in Beyond the Western Deep are:[4]

  • Quinlan, a former scout in the Tamian capital of Terria. After his grandfather passed away, Quinlan found himself nominated for his elder’s position as Captain of the Royal Guard and was quickly promoted to fill the vacant spot.
Normally quiet and reserved, Quinlan prefers to be far and away from the front lines of battle. His recent promotion is at odds with his lifetime of scout training, and despite his skills as a warrior, he would much rather prefer to be back in the treetops and forests outside Terria, away from the political intrigue of his king’s court.
  • Dakkan is the son of the Lutren Captain, and, as such, one would expect him to be both a skilled warrior and a well-disciplined soldier. Much to his father’s dismay, he only exhibits the former. Brash and loyal to a fault, Dakkan has a quick temper and a penchant for getting himself into trouble.
Since a young age, Dakkan and Quinlan have been close friends thanks to their fathers’ high-ranking positions in their respective kingdoms. Unlike Quinlan, Dakkan has seen limited service in his kingdom’s guard, overseeing a division of catapults that rarely see use and serving as a lowly courier for his father.
  • Kenosh is Dakkan’s father and Captain of the Lutren Sea Guard. He has seen his share of action on the shores of Sunsgrove. His campaigns have led him all over the Four Kingdoms, and he is well-respected by all races – though not necessarily liked.
While his skills as a warrior have been called upon and tested for many years, his career is quickly drawing to a close. While he had hoped Dakkan would prove a natural successor by the time of his retirement, he has been disappointed again and again by his son’s troublesome demeanor.
  • Janik is daughter of Sunsgrove’s emissary to the Vulpin kingdom of Navran. She has been groomed for nearly her entire life to become Terria’s ambassador to the eastern kingdoms.
Because of her family’s political connections, Janik and Quinlan met at a young age and quickly befriended one another. She is a brilliant politician and negotiator, and must use her skills regularly to keep Quinlan’s spirits high as he frets about his new position in the Tamian guard.
  • Hardin is a fellow who, since a very young age, has been instilled with a great sense of Ermehn pride.
Hardin believes that his displaced brethren were victims of an elaborate political conspiracy that has doomed them all to a slow death in the frigid tundras of the Northern Wastes. Because of this, he has dedicated himself to not only bringing about an Ermehn renaissance, but exacting vengeance on the Canid soldiers that stole his people’s land, history, and prosperity. An exceptional warrior and brilliant tactician, Hardin aims to destroy the Canid army in any way he can, even if it means plunging the rest of the world into war.


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