Beyond Rapture

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Beyond Rapture
Author(s) Ben Spence and Sarah Sawyer
Update schedule Fridays
Launch date May 2009
End Date September 2011

Beyond Rapture was a police procedural/post-apocalyptic webcomic written by Ben Spence and Sarah Sawyer. It began its run in May 2009 and, due to ongoing medical issues affecting Sawyer, shut down on September 18, 2011.


The story involves the dealings of a New York detective, Sam O'Jenaine, and the Inhuman Victims Unit (IVU) of the Stone River Police Department with the recent arrivals of therians (a biped species partly derived in ancestry from mostly quadruped species), who mysteriously replaced around 48% of the human population on the planet in 2008, ten years prior to the story's present time.