Beyond Bonds

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Beyond Bonds
the cover artwork for Beyond Bonds comic
Author(s) JoeCWolf aka Fire Starter Wolf
Update schedule N/A
Launch date November 19, 2017
End Date ongoing
Genre Action Romantic/Adult
Adult (language, sexual nudity, sexual)
Censor NC17 button.png

'Beyond Bonds is an comic created by JoeCWolf aka Fire Starter Wolf that is still ongoing and said to contain 3 chapters of the story. It is also to be canon to Wild Starter, Love's Essence, Verging Spirit, and the future comic story Legendary Heart.

Love's Essence and Verging Spirit comics were made by T0L0K and stories by JoeCWolf


Beyond Bonds is about a wolf named Keino C. Wolf, brother of Joe C. Wolf waking up from a suppose nightmare of him being devoured by his master Juke Rivers via tail till it fade to black. Keino wakes up to see that he in bed naked next to his master knowing they're lovers for many years.

In confusion, Keino can not remember his past in this life due to a head injury he suffered as kid, even realizing that he's not a starter but only a normal wolf with a dragon partner. Was the last life was nothing but dream? or the current life he's in is fake? Only he can figure it out that if its a trap or just a dream after all. His bonds are beyond and he must set things right before it's too late!

Chapter 1[edit]

Keino wakes up from a nightmare to find that his enemy is his lover, and has no starter powers. When his boyfriend leaves for work, Keino was on the edge of his mind as a enemy to all life messes with his mind and taunting him till Keino passed out.

In waking up to his "life" with his girlfriend Glory next to him, to discover that his younger brother was deceased. The confused wolf must solve this manner and return to his real life.


Keino C. Wolf, a wolf in his early thirties, with purple tattoos is or supposedly an Ender similarity to his sibling being a Wild Starter , but in this case he's a normal gay wolf that's in love and partnered with his master Juke, Keino stays at home doing anything he wants, trains and relaxes but now he has to find out if this is his life, or not!

Juke Rivers, Keino's master but now boyfriend. He's one of the elder guardian dragons that highly deemed the master as he raised Keino as a puppy, and trained him throughout his life. The dragon is rich and famous for creating the cure for cancer, and HIV through his line of work. In Keino's dream the dragon was one of evil group dubbed World Lords, fighting him till he devour the wolf in waking him up from the nightmare.

Glory Ramirez, Keino's said girl friend in his dream/life, and mother of Damian and Brandon. She devoted her love for Keino and their boys. She's calm and collective, only to show her love for Keino but in this life she's on a different matter when Keino comes knocking.

Ludo Sato, The Shiba helper is Juke's assistant that been faithful to him for many years since the dragon found him and took him in. Ludo seems to be in 40's but rumor that he could be older than he appears to be. He would watch over Keino and assist however he can. He very kind, and charming as the point of being very respectful.
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