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Beviraku Xentatex, also known as Joshua G. (born November 7), is a writer, photographer, and YouTuber born and currently residing in San Antonio, Texas, USA. [1] He recently graduated from high school as valedictorian of his class and is now a university student.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Beviraku is actively involved in the Furry Fandom through participating and staffing in conventions, such as Alamo City Furry Invasion [2], serving as a furmeet committee member, writing fictional furry-based stories, and generally participating in online communities which are furry-based.

Fursona Characters[edit]

Primary Fursona[edit]

Beviraku Xentarex (The Fursona), was created in mid-2014. Originally, the design of the character was a simple grey wolf with green eyes and a bandana. Around 2016, the wolf’s fur was changed to navy blue and turquoise wings were added, signifying his change to an Angel Wolf Species. As of 2019, Beviraku Xentarex is now part of an original species called an Azentriex. [3]

Beginning at the head, he possesses a set of dragon-deer horns that are approximately 12-24 inches long. The horns have #00A17F turquoise tips and purple bases. On the horns, there are glowing turquoise lines that run throughout. Surrounding the horns, are a pair of jackal like ears. The ears have red tips and golden bases. On the inside of the ears, it is a light blue color. Between the set of horns and ears is black hair with turquoise and red streaks at the edges of the hair. The hair covers some of his forehead and continues down his neck and spine to the tip of his tail, all which the turquoise and red streaks continue. He has two heterochromatic eyes. His right eye is a dark purple, while his left eye is green. His irises can vary in shape, including a vertical, cross, and round shape. (Can provide examples) Upon his snout, there is a 2-inch red stripe. Additionally, there are light blue surrounded by purple tiger like stripes upon his face. (Preferably, his cheeks.) Finally, he has a violet-colored nose.

Transitioning into his neck, on the front, in the middle, the blue fur gradually becomes a lighter shade, transitioning into white. On the back of his neck, his black hair continues down the spine. Beginning at the base of the back of his neck, dragon-like spine apparatuses appear. The ‘spines’ are golden-yellow. Beviraku wears a green-blue bandana. (Both colors mixed lightly). His bandana has a symbol on it, which is visible at the front. (The symbol visual example is attached below.)

Moving onto his main body, his chest, belly, and groin are white in fur color. Upon his sides and back are tiger-like stripes. The stripes are purple. His body build is somewhat that of a strong one, but not a full-on bodybuilder. On his back, the purple tiger-like stripes from his sides are the most prominent. The purple tiger stripes are filled in with the same blue as his inner ears. His hair and dragon spines also continue down his back. Upon his two shoulder blades are attached large turquoise feathered wings, as large as his body.

Lowering down to his tail, his tail is a long furred dragon tail (that drags on the floor) which is navy blue on the first half and gold, green and red on the second half. On the blue upper half of the tail, it has the same tiger-like stripes as his sides. Upon his tail are the spines, which end near the end of his tail, and his hair, which ends at the tip of his tail, still with the red and turquoise streaks at the edges. Though, the hair goes over the tail tip, simulating a furred dragon tail tip.

Lastly, his limbs. Upon his biceps, there is an intricate swirl design. The color of the design is the same as his back stripes. The rest of his arms are a normal navy blue color, but that color ends when it comes to his wrists. His wrists are a golden color, but there is a thin line of scales (about an inch or half inch) which connect his wrist to his hand paw. The scales are a blended navy blue, red, and purple. (I can provide examples of such blending upon request. His hand paws are red with turquoise paw pads. His claws are purple. Upon his legs is a normal blue color, though, again, his ankle is golden, with the same color scheme line of scales connecting his ankle to his foot paw as well as the same scaling. Additionally, both of his thighs hold the same intricate design as his biceps. His foot paws are purple with red claws.

Secondary Fursona[edit]


Alamo City Furry Invasion[edit]

Beviraku has attended Alamo City Furry Invasion since 2017 (the debut year of the convention) and has been actively involved. In 2019, he volunteered to help out by checking badges and performing photography for the convention. [4] I Soon, after reaching the age of eighteen, Beviraku earned a position on the ACFI staff team where he grew to become a lead on the Social Media Team.


Beviraku is a novice writer that has written multiple pieces relating to sci-fi fantasy and anthropomorphized animals. He has the intention of writing in the novel in the future, but due to university and his job, it might be delayed for a unknown amount of time.


Beviraku currently runs an informal photography business called “Xentarex Photography.” For this business, he captures different subjects, including, but not limited to, Nature, People, and Furries. [5]


As of 18 March 2020, Beviraku has 607 subscribers. [6] In the past, Beviraku created content like AMVs, Furry Convention Videos, and Miscellaneous content. Though, as of current times, he has decided to transition into more furry-related content. The upload schedule that Beviraku follows is none.


Not only being actively involved in-person with the local furry groups, Beviraku also manages to be involved online with Discord!

Furry Concord[edit]

With 1,500 members and rising, Beviraku has created and owns a fully SFW furry server. His server is to serve as a sanctuary for all furries whom want a SFW atmosphere while still maintaining that friendliness of a Furry Community. The server hosts art, roleplay, gaming, and social channels. This server was created on April 20th, 2018,

Furball Cafe[edit]

Being a furry server that was founded with Dr. Tony, Beviraku previously co-owned Furball Cafe.

Furry Nexus[edit]

On February 23rd, 2017, Beviraku created one of his first furry servers, Furry Nexus. From there, along with Cooper, he grew it slowly. On April 20th, 2018, he succeeded his ownership to Cooper. Today, the server has over 31,000 members and is growing at an exponential rate.


Beviraku is currently a student at a local accredited university, majoring in a field of Cyber-Security. In the future, he plans to pursue a cyber-security career that involves both offensive and defensive aspects.


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