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Front cover of Best in Show

Best In Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction (also Furry!: The World's Best Anthropomorphic Fiction) is an anthology of furry stories edited by Fred Patten and published by Sofawolf Press in July 2003 (ISBN 0-9712670-1-4, 456 pp.), with a cover illustration by Ursula Vernon. It won two Ursa Major Awards, one for Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work, and one for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration for the cover art.

The first section, Living Together: Furries and Humans, includes stories where furry characters exist alongside humans. This section includes a foreword by Tim Susman. Stories in this section:

The second section, Living Apart: Furry Alternate Worlds, includes stories that take place in worlds populated entirely by furries. The foreword to this section was written by Gene Breshears. Stories in this section:

The third section, Living Within: Transformation, has stories with transformation themes. The foreword to this section was written by Phil Geusz. Stories in this section:

In February 2006, iBooks Inc. published a new edition of Best in Show, retitled Furry!: The World's Best Anthropomorphic Fiction (445 pages, $12.95; ISBN: 1-59687-319-1), with a new Foreword but without the interior illustrations of the first edition. However, distribution was limited because iBooks declared bankruptcy the same month.

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