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Bert (real name: Max Artemev) is the administrator of, and Russian furry websites on the server, and works as a programmer in the Rostelekom telecommunication company. Bert is also known as the FreeCap and WideCap creator. Bert is also WWF Russia server admin. His fursona is a fox named Max Cooncat.

Fox in color by Bert.

Bert is a furry artist. primarily drawing yiff, primarily in manga-style, with a little inspiration from Adam Wan (Zaush).

Max was a great fan of The Raccoons series. His nick came from the main character, Bert Raccoon. He created in 2000 the first Russian Raccoons fan site, which was the translation of Jim Gilsinan IV's The Unofficial Raccoons site. In 2006, after the death of Len Carlson, the main actor who voiced Bert Raccoon, Max moved from The Raccoons fanclub and changed his furry type to the fox.

Bert was also known as founder of

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