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Benchilla introducing Weasyl at 2012 Anthrocon panel
A still from the Where Them Girls At music video, featuring Aky (left) and Sai (right)
Ben judging at the FWA 2015 dance competition.
Ben performing at the AC 2014 Floor Wars event, as part of Ratchet Couture
Ratchet Couture. Art by Chaz Grussendorf.

Benchilla, usually known simply as just Ben (born October 1992), is a filmmaker, dancer and drag queen from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He now lives in Columbus,_Ohio, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although aware of the furry fandom since the age of twelve, Benchilla didn't officially become a member until 2008, when he was fifteen.[1] This can be attributed to his involvement with the wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica, where he was an active member from December 2006 to February 2008, and a Sysop from July 2007 to January 2008.

After leaving the site, he gradually became more immersed in the furry community, joining Fur Affinity in October 2008.

Since joining the community, Benchilla has been involved with a number of projects, including moderating on the Fur Affinity Forums from May 2010 to November 2010, and co-founding the social art gallery Weasyl.


Benchilla's fursona is a chinchilla, created in July 2008.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Conventions where the subject attended in drag.

Performance art[edit]

Ben mainly identifies as a drag queen. His drag persona[2] has made numerous of appearances at conventions since 2011. She first made an appearance at MFF 2011, where she was involved in the filming of a music video for David Guetta's Where Them Girls At, a collaborative effort between Kwik Cheetah and Char.[3] Ben plays Nicki Minaj in the video, as he performs behind fursuiters Tesxa Coyote, Aky and Sai. The video has racked up over 80,000 plays between Youtube and Vimeo combined as of April 2015, and has reportedly been shown at night clubs in San Francisco.[4][5]

Following this, he has appeared in other self-produced music videos, such as "Go Hard" (alongside co-star Scrumpet)[6] which was filmed at FurFright 2012 and "Wild Right Now", which incorporated footage from various furry events such as Anthrocon 2013 and Rainfurrest 2013.[7]. Apart from music videos starring his drag persona, he also specializes in creating films centering around his convention experiences and the experiences of others. The most notable example of this is "Further Confusion Twenty Twerkteen", a 90 minute movie filmed at Further Confusion 2013 that mainly documents the hijinks of #AdventureCru.[8]. He also produced various other music videos starring himself or other subjects.[9][10]

In addition to creating videos, he is also a part of the dancer community. He has been a regular participant in Floor Wars since FWA 2013[11], having competed in seven consecutive competitions since. He was most notably ranked runner-up at the Anthrocon 2014 incarnation alongside his partner Dalmy, where the two both performed in drag as part of a team called Ratchet Couture[12]. He has also been a judge for many dance competitions, most notably as a main event judge for Furpocalypse 2014[13] and Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015, where he also appeared dressed in drag.


In 2012, Benchilla was banned from Fur Affinity after exploiting a bug that permitted avatars larger than the size normally allowed. Initially, his ban was for only two weeks, but this was made permanent due to "previous history of hijinks,"[14] despite having no previous history of being banned.

On March 1st, 2013, Benchilla stepped down as co-owner of Weasyl LLC amidst accusations of a Weasyl founder sockpuppeting on Fur Affinity's donation drive journal.[15] However, Benchilla has since stated that the accusation is simply a rumor, and to not believe anything without "actual physical evidence."[16] He has since officially relinquished any stock in the LLC as of December 2013, leaving Kihari to be the sole proprietor.


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