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Ben Goodridge (born in 1972 in West Germany) is a furry writer who started his career in 1986, and made his first sale, Canis Lunar, to a literary magazine in 1993.

He has edited, ROAR, and his usual practice is to work on several stories and novels at once. He is also a regular contributor to the Bad Dog Books podcasts.

In 2010, Goodridge published Found: One Apocalypse, first of a series of offbeat comedies featuring Iorgi Murrett and the crew of the derelict battleship "Apocalypse." The second story, "Power Struggle," was a short story published as an E-book on in 2012. Goodridge is planning further E-book releases for 2012.


  • The Review: Words and Images
    • (1993) - Canis Lunar
  • Fang, Claw & Steel,
    • (2002) - The Watchtower
    • (2002) - Top of the Mountain. This story was reprinted in the furry anthology book, Best in Show.
    • (2004) - Cave of the Bear Clan
  • FANG (Arcanum short stories)
    • (2005) - Arcanum Arcanorum
    • (2005) - Stocky
    • (2005) - Child of the Scroll
    • (2006) - The Walking Mountain

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