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Belo4ka in real life
Sofia, Belo4ka's alternative character

Belo4ka [bi`elochka] (also known as Luma, Ganna Grashina) is a Ukrainian furry artist, fursuiter and furry fan. She is an organizer of UA Furence/WUFF and currently hold position of Art Director. Has attended Eurofurence, ConFuzzled and GDAkon several times.

Belo4ka studied in art school since she was eight. While in art school she attended and won several major traditional art competitions in Kiev. Some of her works now are used as studying materials in art school. Since fifteen she has been deeply involved in to anthropomorphic art. Now she is a student at the Ukraine Open University in Kiev, chair of Psychology, faculty of Social Technologies. Belo4ka's fursona is a polymorphic creature, often in a form of snow-white generic squirrel. As of 2010 Belo4ka lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. Founded and actively involved in one of her projects DreamON (

Belo4ka is a typical Slavic designation for alcoholic delusions (delirium). For Ukrainian and Russian speaking people this also mean a "squirrel" (and the fool appellation of Delirium Tremens is spelt like "white fever"); this is why her main character is a polymorphic creature who typically looks like a white anthropomorphic squirrel.

Belo4ka is also known as Sofia, which means "wisdom", who is her alternative character and a fursuit she built. The first appearance of this character was at EuroFurence in 2010 and immediately attracted a lot of attention due to unusual slinky suit style and fluid movements. Belo4ka as Sofia took part in the fursuit games with over fifty competitors at Eurofurence 16, reaching the semi-finals and winning second place. New version of the suit was created and first appeared in public during Eurofurence 18 dance competition. Final version of the suit is filmed on video recorded by Keks in 2013 ( Sofia is playful and sunny lioness, so if you see her somewhere around, feel free to hug her in a friendly manner. ^u^

In 2010 Belo4ka debuted as a traditional artist in Eurofurence art show, and is actively taking part as an artist in Eurofurence (2010-2014) and Confuzzled (2014) art shows since then. She has her own fan community on Russian-language social network VK.

Artwork examples[edit]

Gaffitti VKontakte: Bel graf.jpg Bel graf2.jpg Full-size pictures: Bel rab.jpg Bel rab2.jpg

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