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Beekin (also known as Dragon Creature; born 9 November 1981) is an occasional furry artist who lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Beekin's Badge by Draconium


[edit] Character

The Beekin character is born at the end of the 90's. Before that he mainly used the name Dragon Creature (or dragon_creature). Over the years, he change for several creature, microraptor/utahraptor, Raven or Dragon, each of them reflecting a side of him. All his character have 2 thing in common, the name Beekin and green eyes. The story behind the name is simple. When he moved back to Montreal, it was a new begining for him. He simply chose to use the word "begin" and remove the "g" to add another "e" and a "k" to keep the sound similar when the name "Beekin" is spoken quickly.

[edit] The Dragon

This is his first character he used. A bronze dragon not bigger than a human. Because of the confusion between him and the Beekin of Furcadia he start looking for an other character.

[edit] The Microraptor and Utahraptor

The raptor idea is coming from a game called Secondlife. At the time, the only dinosaur avatar available were Velociraptor and Utahraptor made by Nargus Labs. Later as he was browsing on Fur Affinity website, he stumble on a few Microraptor drawing and he love so much this little feather ball that he adopt this creature as his main character.

[edit] The Raven

The raven character is a more personal side of Beekin. He also have a fursuit of it.

[edit] Fandom Involvement

[edit] Local Communities

He is a member of the groups Francofur and Monfur.

[edit] Conventions

From 2010 until 2013, he was the Dance and A/V Director for What The Fur convention.

[edit] Online

Between 2007 and 2009 Beekin was involve in the french France furry communauty in the game Secondlife.

[edit] Art

Beekin don't consider himsefl as an artist but more as an hobbyist.

[edit] Real Life

Beekin (real name kept unknown born 9 November 1981) is a white Canadian male, who lives in Montreal area. He is working for one of the largest sound/light/multimedia rental compagny in Canada and is a freelancer in the media industry. He is trying to keep his furry life separate from his work life.

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