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Author(s) Kris Patrick (producer) + various

Bedfellows is a mature-content webcomic and animated video series. The two main characters are named Sheen and Fatigue. It was animated in Flash until episode 30, then it was animated in Maya.


  1. Hang Up
  2. Don't Touch My Stuff
  3. Jacked Ass
  4. Packing
  5. Mother's Day
  6. Keys Keys Keys
  7. Two Friends Play Frenzy
  8. Gary
  9. Bubble Gum
  10. Beach Bully
  11. Spam
  12. Jokes
  13. Football
  14. Intruder
  15. Mingle
  16. Yolo
  17. Bros Will Be Bros
  18. Mother's Day Part Deuce
  19. Dislike
  20. Parents
  21. Road Trip
  22. Drinking
  23. The Twelve Rapes of Christmas
  24. Restroom
  25. Speed Date
  26. Meme
  27. Fans
  28. Toni P
  29. Bored Meeting
  30. Dinner
  • 33. Rap Song
Credits: produced and sound & editing by Kris Patrick * story by Kris Patrick, Matthew Rice & Travis von Sorgenfrei * Fatigue body scan by VoreLord * background art by Travis von Sorgenfrei * Haley Mancini (voice of Kathy) * Lizard (voice of Malcolm X Ray) * guests: Aero, Kage, Koriko, Mira K. Hall, Revamp and Tatsu * music by Buck Riley * special thanks Mondo Media, Stefan Nitchmann & Khristian Aguilar.

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