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Beastars (stylized in all caps) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki from September 2016 to October 2020. It was adapted in 2019 into a twelve episode anime series by Studio Orange for Fugi TV's +Ultra programming block before being licenced by Netflix. A second season ran from January to March 2021 and a third season was announced that December.


The world of Beastars is populated by civilized anthropomorphic animals with a distinct cultural divide between herbivores and carnivores. At the Cherryton Academy, a student is murdered and devoured during the night setting off a wave of distrust between the herbivore and carnivore students during which, Legoshi, a timid grey wolf has a fateful encounter with Haru a dwarf rabbit and starts developing complex feelings towards her.


  • Legoshi - wolf
  • Haru - rabbit
  • Louis - deer
  • Juno - wolf


Beastars was nominated for and won the 2019 Ursa Major Award for both Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Series or Short Work and Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story. It followed that victory up by winning both categories again the following year, and receiving another nomination for Best Dramatic Series in the 2021 awards, [1] in which it came a close second to Helluva Boss.[2] Outside of the fandom, at the 5th Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Beastars' first anime opening "Wild Side" by ALI won Best Opening Sequence.


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