Beast Wars Transformers MUSH

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Beast Wars Transformers MUSH was a role-playing MUSH based on the television show and toy line Beast Wars. The MUSH's storyline featured battles between the Maximals and the Predacons in the Beast Wars. It started with episode 118, Spider's Game, and the introduction of 'Inferno'. In terms of adult content, violence was permitted (and indeed integral to the theme) but TinySex was forbidden.

  • Addresses:
    • MUSH server:, port 1997 or, port 8000
    • Website: (Defunct)
  • Ran from/to: 1997? - 2000?


Original Characters (OCs)[edit]


The Beast Wards Transformers MUSH website Links page included a link to Furnation with the information "Some Beast Wars fans happen to like furries."[1]


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