Bear Nuts

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Bear Nuts
Author(s) Alison Acton
Launch date August 17, 2008[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre Adult comedy
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Bear Nuts is a furry webcomic by Alison Acton. The name and logo are apparently a play on Beer Nuts.

It began in 2008 and still is currently updated as of 2010. The main characters of the comic are Prozac,Gay,Gimp,Lech,Tanked,Crack,Death,Nerd,Evil,and the newest "Bear" that was added was Vanity Bear (whom of which is really a Panda Bear,but lives with the bears in their exhibit). And as far as their names go,yes, the bears indeed have some strong part of their names actual meaning to their personalities (example: Nerd bear is indeed a Nerd,always reading comic books,computers,and playing with action figures at any necessary time, Gay being gay,but somewhat in the closet,Crack not exactly doing crack,but apparently always acts so strung up on it,as if it's his personality,etc.).


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