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Bayson (real name Eric) is a werewolf furry artist from southern Indiana who has been drawing off and on all his life. It wasn't until 1999 that his real interest in anthros developed. It was initiated by a television program entitled Road Rovers which was played on the Warner Brothers Network. Fascinated by the subject, he looked onto the Internet to find more about the show. With that information he also found others with the same interests.

In Feburary 2000, Bayson got his first computer. Finding artists who brought their imagination a step closer to reality, he was insired to be like them. As years went on, he continued to practice, moving from strictly the Road Rover fandom into the furry fandom.

Bayson has been published by Sofawolf Press and currently is doing work for FurNation. Bayson is an addict of the video game Dance Dance Revolution and plays dance emulators online, as well as StepMania. Bayson is currently in a gay polyamorous relationship with his mates Rally and ShadowWolfZero.

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