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Bat Ass is a furry industrial hardcore virtual band formed in 2019.[1]

Their first single, "Monster Milf", was released on February 13, 2019.[1] Their first EP, We Are Bat Ass, was released December 17, 2019.[2]


Bat Ass is comprised of two leaf-nosed bats, who are depicted as being lesbian lovers.

Mel "Tall Bat"

A tall, purple-grey bat with long, black hair; typically shown wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and trucker cap, and smoking a cigarette.[3] Mel is seemingly the leader of the band, being responsible for the majority of the band's tweets, which are typically aggressive. She is very protective of Molly.

Molly "Fat Bat"

A short, pink bat with lighter pink pompadour hairstyle and white chest fluff; typically depicted wearing a t-shirt, skirt and leggings, sometimes with an eyepatch over her left eye.[3] Molly appears to have a softer and more playful personality compared to Mel. She is also an artist, having drawn the cover art of at least one of the band's singles.[4]


  • We Are Bat Ass (EP, 2019)[2]


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