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Fursuit by Basil Lion
Basil Lion (born 14 August 1979) is a Ukrainian fursuiter and furry fan, who often portrays himself as a lion. He is one of the oldest active members of Ukrainian furry fandom, is chairman (as of 2012) of WUFF (formerly UA Furence), and runs a local furry-oriented website ( For a long time Basil has actively participated in Rusfurrence, an annual furry convention held in Russia, and attended ČeSFuR and Eurofurence.

Basil Lion is a fursuiter, have built a fursuit of his own and performed in it on several cons in Russia - Rusfurrence. His main character is Basil Lion, a generic full-body toony style lion costume built in 2003, which made its first appearance at Rusfurrence in 2004. Another fursuit by Basil Lion is Sofia, a lioness, built in 2010 in collaboration with Sorrow for Belo4ka, owned and performed by Belo4ka. She first appeared at Eurofurence 16 in 2010.

Basil Lion is fond of The Lion King and other Disney animation, and is a member of the TLK fan club of Russia. His first appearance at meetings was in January 2001. He is a great fan of Chronicles of the Pride Lands, a Lion King-based fan fiction by John Burkitt and David Morris.

Among Basil's other interests are furry art, plush toys, real life big cats such as lions and tigers, and Japanese animation. Outside the furry fandom he is best known as a UNIX system administrator, freelance PHP programmer and digital photographer. He lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine, engaged to Belo4ka.

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