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Bart Bervoets (also known as Nekobe and Sunnylion) is a Belgian furry whose fursona is a lion.


Bervoets has been publicly banned from at least two conventions for his disruptive behavior: US-based Anthrocon[1], and European-based Euroference[2].

Furry Rogue has the following to say about Bervoets:

"He had earned a very long reputation for begging his way into people's homes, and then...he would threaten them, fly into irrational rages, and on many occasions demand sex from them, claiming to have a heart condition that would case [sic] him to die if they did not have sex with him. These poor folks would throw him out of the house, and would then be vilified by him on the newsgroups for 'trying to murder him.'"[3]

In January of 2001, these antics additionally led to Bervoets' arrest in Florida on charges of third-degree stalking [4]; one of the victims who filed an injunction against him pushed for his deportation back to Belgium.[5]


On August 4, 2008, posting under the pseudonum CheetahHugger, Bervoets posted an apology that neither confirmed or denied allegations levied against him, but it did state he was receiving treatment for bipolar disorder.[6] As of February 2010, Bervoets is still active on the newsgroup[7]


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