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Drawn by Rhari

Rhari is the red fox fursona of Shayley Duval (born November 9, 1988),[1] who lives in British Columbia, Canada.[2]

Rhari is a stay-at-home mother and furry artist. Her daughter's fur name is Barra.


Rhari has been drawing adorably cute critters since the age of six[2] (her first creations were horse people), and her work has evolved steadily since then. She attended art programs in high schools along the way, as well as the University of the Fraser Valley. She describes her work as "anime meets Disney meets Don Bluth".[2]

Rhari has been involved with the furry fandom since 2002.[2]


Rhari was on the staff of RainFurrest 2008, when she was the conbook editor, art show helper and flyer artist. She was staff and attended RainFurrest 2009. In 2010 Rhari joined the parent organization RAIn as a member at large on their board of directors.

The community Spotlight at VancouFur 2015 focused on Rhari.[2]



Rhari, Razzy, Barra and Hida.

Barra is the daughter of Rhari and Razzy. She is illustrated as a Caracal and Red Fox hybrid with pigtails, caracal ears, and a long tail ending in a fox tip.

Barra attended conventions, such as Animethon 2007, with her parents, and RainFurrest 2008 and 2009 with her mother.


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