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barq logo
Author(s) Owner: Woutske
Status Online
Launch date October 25, 2021 (open beta)[1]
Genre Social network
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barq is a furry social networking mobile app created by Woutske. Features include profiles with support for multiple fursonas, community groups, events, and "Convention Mode"—which lets users view fellow attendees and organize room parties.

Originally announced as FAPP (short for FurryAPP) in January 2021[2], the name was changed as a result of a public vote in November of that year.[3]

Users must be over 16 years of age to register. New users are currently being limited until their registration has been approved by a member of staff. [4]

Explicit artwork is allowed, but is only permitted within certain areas of the app and only viewable when "AD Mode" is enabled and the user is over the age of 18.[5]

The app is currently available for iOS and Android. A webversion is currently in development.


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