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BarkadeFurs logo
Ayden (left) and Brooke (right)
This page is about the regular arcade gaming event in London. Scotiacon 2022 also hosted a retro video game night called the Scotiacon Barkade.[1][2]

BarkadeFurs is an arcade furmeet located at The Heart of Gaming in East Croydon, London, UK. The event takes over the venue and spans across multiple floors, featuring a soundstage, storefront, and arcade floor. [3] The first iteration of BarkadeFurs was held on February 23, 2019 and had an attendance of over 100, [4] with later events gaining over 150. [5]

Fursuiting is allowed and encouraged, with a designated changing area, cloakroom, and water for fursuiters. The meet has its own Dealers Den where merchandise and commissions can be bought from local creators. Furry-themed cocktails are available from the bar within the venue, which serves a range of drinks.[3]

Fursuiters posing for a group photo at a BarkadeFurs event


BarkadeFurs' mascots are Ayden and Brooke. They were designed by Garnetto.

Dates & Events[edit]

BarkadeFurs' dates vary based on venue availability.


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