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Bariki's zebra fursona 'Raffa', as drawn by Mary Minch.

Born in November 1982, Bariki, also known by his zebra character's name Raffa, is a British furry who has been a part of the furry fandom since 1999 when he tripped over the now defunct Yerf art archive.

Bariki is studying for a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. He also runs an international IT consultancy based in Hertfordshire, responsible for outsourced IT services to a number of British-based companies.


Bariki's fursona was for many years a silver anthropomorphic horse. However, he has become better associated with his fursuit Raffa's zebra identity since acquiring him in 2009.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bariki's zebra fursuit 'Raffa', photo by TigerTom
Bariki's wolf fursuit 'SpookWolf'

Numerous periods spent overseas in Japan, Australia and the United States prevented him from participating in the more social aspects of the fandom until he attended Further Confusion 2008 in San José, California.

Bariki works for a number of worldwide furry conventions, including RBW, Eurofurence and ConFuzzled. Bariki is also part of the committee that oversees Londonfurs, the UK's largest regular furmeet.


Bariki owns two fursuits - a white wolf partial called SpookWolf by Exdra bought in 2008 and Raffa, a zebra fullsuit by Ravell commissioned in 2009. SpookWolf's first appearance was at Eurofurence 14 - Raffa's was at ConFuzzled 2009.


Since returning to live full-time in the United Kindom in 2008, Bariki has attended a number of conventions around the world, including Further Confusion, Midwest Furfest, Furry Connection North, RBW, Confuzzled and Eurofurence. He also works for the following conventions:

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