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Barcah Frostwych is a furry artist, Poet, Traverler who roams around Maryland, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey, U.S.A. He has identified his fursona to be a "Winged Wolf" with black fur and wings.

Barcah was the owner of the Frostwych Tails Company, who built ears, tails, and full fursuits but due to a fall in sales and a emotional breakdown, due to the death of one of his family members, he shut it down.

Barcah is known to be in the cities of Gaithersburg MD, Elkton MD, Germantown MD, and Pennsville NJ, but can be seen in other places from time to time. It is said that he is currently homeless and sleeps in a tent at nights in wooded areas in the cities he visits.

Currently, Barcah is said to be interested in gothic and dark arts and is said to be practicing a form of Wicca mixed with Christianity.

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