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Banshee at Anthrocon 2007.

Banshee, is an avid fursuiter who lives in Florida. He owns two fursuits: Banshee the blue husky and Vincent the wolf.

Vincent is a fursuit owned by Banshee, but was worn by Fluke at many conventions. Suit was designed in collaboration by Banshee and Fluke, and created by LatinVixen. His official phenotype is "sexy grey wolf". Vincent debuted at Midwest FurFest 2006, where he first initiated the tradition of "dirty dancing" at the convention's evening dances. Vincent usually produces a video of his exploits on the dancefloor for every convention he attends.

TaniDaReal playfully turned the tables on his tradition when he did his "dirty dance" with her (in her Savoy fursuit) at Eurofurence 13, resulting in the picture, "Remember The Dance?".

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