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BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow (Born June 25, 1962), [1] is a writer, poet, artist and photographer who lives on a small farm [2] in Broby, Sweden.


BanWynn was born in the summer of 1962 in Dayton, Ohio. He moved a lot growing up and lived in Ohio, California (during the "Summer of Love"), Michigan and back to Ohio, attending 14 schools before graduating High School. He grew up in an abusive home and was pretty messed up by the time a teacher at Beavercreek H.S., took him under his wing and got him back into writing and introduced him to photography as coping skills. He joined the editorial staff of "A Paper Garden", a local small poetry press from 1978 until he joined the Air Force in 1980. He served in Texas, Germany (Where the Baader Meinhoff blew up his NCO club on Sembach AB; and the base shuttle bus at Ramstein AFB.), Colorado and Arizona where was discharged as disabled veteran.

BanWynn attended college at The University of Dayton where he majored in Ethology and earned a very neat scar from a leopard who was not quite as sedated as the team thought she was. He was a research lab assistant there and co-authored the prospectuses for several articles appearing in Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation, The Journal of Investigative Surgery and The Journal of Applied Biomaterials. He later attended The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology where he began a short-lived career as professional photographer. He did not do anything more with his writing until he discovered the Furry fandom in 1992 and began posting to Usenet Fur groups and later to the Transformation Stories Archive.

His visual arts endeavors were ended, for the most part, by a series of strokes after a promising start beginning in the art auction at Further Confusion 99. He uses a variety of applications to help him deal with the aphasia, dyslexia and other impediments left in the aftermath of the strokes when he writes. He hopes to be able to take his cameras off-trail again and resume his nature and wildlife photography as well as the opportunities to explore Viking history in the foundations of an 800-1100 AD Viking settlement in the forest surrounding his home.

He lives on a small farm in the middle of the forest in southern Sweden with his husband Snout (the silliest fusky in the fandom), and a border collie/golden retriever mix with the looks of the BC and the brains of a Bay Watch blonde. The farm was probably part of the original Viking settlement, and its current form built around 1625. The first cottage burned down and he and Snout are busily renovating the "new" cottage that replaced it in 1754.

Furry involvement[edit]

BanWynn joined the Furry fandom via Tigerwolf and TigerMUCK in early 1992. He met his future husband, Snout there. His personal fursona is Banwynn , a self-contradicting coyote on FurryMUCK.

He fell in love with the Furry crew in and around Dayton (Tigerwolf, Raika, Rolokoda, Kiyote...) and the people who regularly stopped over at TW's on their way to or from travels elsewhere. 12 furs crammed in the same living room visiting with each other on dumb terminals as they mucked. Hugs and scritches, but few words. Furries *sigh*. He and Rolokoda instituted an annual Furry Thanksgiving at TigerWolf's for Furs who didn't have anyplace special to go for the holiday and they held it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving so the ones who were with family on Thursday could attend as well.

Tigerwolf organized regular outings to Duff's buffet, Clifton Gorge, the Air Force Museum and regular trips to Wolf Park in Indiana, where BanWynn fell in love again, this time with a young wolf named Chetan. He became Chetan's sponsor and after one of TigerWolf's outings to help tear down Wolf Park's old fox enclosure to make room for the new, got to spend half an hour in the main compound with the entire pack. Chetan promptly plopped his big paws on Ban's shoulders and began exchanging sloppy tongue kisses complete with "dead deer laying three days in the sun" breath. Chetan got a bit too "excited" over the neck scruffles and licking and handlers told them that they had to break up the cuddle. Chetan's mother proceeded to chastise BanWynn. Apparently, she was not thrilled by the gay influence he had on her son. He got a wolf paw print tattoo'd over the very, very tiny scar to commemorate the occasion. (The scratch was minor, incidental and in no way due to any lack of expert attention, supervision and experience on the part of the wonderful folks at the Park...Ban actually had to pick at the little scab for over a week to force it to leave a scar. Chetan grew up straight.)

Rolokoda tortured BanWynn with the incredible shots of fursuits he took at the Conventions he attended. It would be three years before BanWynn could afford to go to his first convention. His photography career shot, he sold his camera and equipment to a friend in order to attend Duckon 1996. He created his first fursuit, Oakshadow, for Confurence East 2 and attended Duckcon 97 where he was invited to run a fursuiting sig. Duckcon 98 saw the debut of his second fursuit, T'Marr the lion, as well as Lester a lemur made for Kiyote, Kedri Fox made for Kedri and several other suits that he assisted the owners' in starting or finishing.

BanWynn began seeing the awesome stories on the Furrynet groups by Swamprat, Athalon, Malin, ...and well, there were just too many fabulous writers to list. He picked up his keyboard and started his Furry fiction there with such stories as "Hunter's Dawn", "Trespasser", "Br'er Necessites", "The Campfire Tails" and "Perfectly Normal: A Furry Father's Guide to "The Talk"". Later he discovered TSA and went to heaven. Things took off from there.


BanWynn knew that he had to have a fursuit of his own the first time he saw a picture of one after Rolokoda came back from Confurence. He began searching the huge catalogs of images and decided that there was something missing. At the time, baggy mascot-style fursuits were the norm (though spectacular exceptions were abundant.) He wanted something different, a fursuit that looked as if it had grown on him rather than being put on. Eventually, after seeing a friend's latest Lycra bodysuit, he got the idea of adhering the fur fabric directly onto a cotton unitard and then hand-sewing the seams. He didn't know that it was a bad idea and unlikely to work, so he made one. He topped it off with accessories, a cowboy hat with holes in the brim for his ears, a coat made from a Mexican blanket and some of his personal American Indian bags and jewelry. It turned out not to be a bad idea and Oakshadow the Medicine Wolf went to Confurence East 2 in '96. The staff decided to remove him from the beginners competition and pitted him against the big boys. This con was also the debut of a gorgeous gargoyle in airbrushed Lycra with wings that spread and dominated the attention of everyone in sight. The gargoyle took Best of Show, Samantha Skunk took second and Oakshadow went home on cloud 9, having placed 3rd. Not bad for a first effort. He was called upstairs after the show by the Bay Area fursuiting community in attendence who were wonderfully supportive and asked him to show the ins and outs of his new fursuit construction technique. He ran a sig demonstrating the techniques at Duckon 97, chalking out the map for the fur and starting a panda fursuit on one of the sig attendees. Wookie was gracious enough to sketch Oakshadow's head in BanWynn's furbook.

Broke and depressed, he stumbled on a super-saver clearance of some short, gold fur fabric and grabbed what was left. He had not been happy with the hot, suffocating, visually limited and a bit too small head of Oakshadow and began working on building a head that would fit the body using a baseball helmet, plastic cross-stitch squares, foam rubber and brown "rat fur" fabric. T'marr was on the way to being born, he was even able to fit CPU fans powered by 9-V batteries in the muzzle for ventilation. With the very short furred fabric, he saw an opportunity for more detailing and added sculpted pecs to the unitard before attaching fur fabric to the body. Studded bracers, a blue velvet loincloth, laced sandals made from suede boots and a warrior's medallion fitted him out. T',Marr was a hit at Duckon '98. BanWynn moved to the Bay Area and T'marr went through some changes. He wore a hockey jersey and jogging pants...that were pull-off revealing the lion in his new leather harness as a fantasy warrior. This was not how he walked the halls, but was a hit at the show and photo-shoots.

BanWynn also made fursuits for his friends, setting up a workshop in the basement with the rule "You supply the materials and donate something to the workshop when it's done." Top quality shears and cans of Foamfast later, Kiyote attended Duckon '98 in Lester, a lemur with a nine-foot tail that doubled as a body pillow for two. Kedri introduced the con to Kedri Fox, the outdoorsy hiker.


BanWynn's anthropomorphic works started appearing on the Furrynet groups in the early '90s and received awesome feedback and support. A friend directed him to the "Transformation Stories Archive" TSA where he began learning the art of giving and receiving criticism as he posted his works and commented on those of others. Phil Geusz was especially helpful, kicking "Shepherd's Song" back at Ban 5 times with "You can do better." and specific critiques before giving it the thumbs-up. "Listmember Lost", in Johnathan Howl's "Seven Deadly Sins: Furry Confessionals" anthology was born in a shared world on TSA. He sent some fan mail to Alex Vance and struck up a friendship when the idea for a Furry erotica anthology called "FANG" was brewing in Alex's head. Alex gave birth to Bad Dog Books and FANG; and Ban contributed 2 stories and a non-fiction article that appeared in FANG 1 and a novella that appeared in FANG 3.

BanWynn's stories and poetry have appeared in "FANG Volume 1", "FANG Volume 3". "Feral! conbook 2005", "Gods with Fur". "Civilized Beasts 2015 edition", "Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves", "<adjective><species> 2nd Annual Poetry Edition", "Anthrozine #14" and "Culturally F'd #29", "Dogs of War" and "Seven Deadly Sins: Furry Confessionals". Other works have been accepted for anthologies to be released in 2017 including: "The Symbol of a Nation", "The Society Pages", "Civilized Beasts 2", "Typewriter Emergencies", "Passing Through" and "How do You Walk Through Madness?" as well as his first novel "Cheshire's Legacy".

His story "Shepherd's Song" was recommended for an Ursa Major Award in 2007.

BanWynn was a Guest of Honor at Feral! 2005, and was on staff at Feral! 2006 as a Workshop Facilitator.

BanWynn created Blue Coyote Books which hopes will publish a wide variety of anthologies and, eventually, novels by new Furry authors.

Blue Coyote Books[edit]

Blue Coyote Books is still currently in the "will be" phase. BanWynn just received legal confirmation that he can establish the company without endangering his VA Disability status. He is in the process of registrering it as a US publishing company based in the EU. Blue Coyote Books will be a non-profit publishing company with proceeds going to contributors, charities for the disenfranchised people pushed to the fringes of society that he hopes to give voice to, and wildlife conservation.

Conference attendances[edit]

  • Confurence East 1996 (First fursuit, Oakshadow, the Medicine Wolf, takes 3rd place in Best of Show)
  • Duckon 1996, 1997 (Fursuiting Sig), 1998 (Fursuit debut of T'marr, Kiyote's lemur and Kedri Fox)
  • Further Confusion 1999 (T'marr goes wild!), 2000, 2001
  • Morphicon (later re-named AnthroOhio) 2004, 2006
  • Feral! 2005 (GoH), 2006 (Writers' Workshop facilitator)

Anthropomorphic publications[edit]

Other publications[edit]

  • A Paper Garden, Beavercreek Poetry Press , (Beavercreek City Department of Education), 1997-1980
    • Unpeaceful Contemplations
    • Lead Flower
    • Rats in Rubble
    • My Friend George
    • Lioness
    • Escape
    • A Frozen Bird
    • Rats in a Maze
    • Escape
    • The Rutting Stallion and the Sheep
    • 'Twas the Night of the Party
    • Hanging Out
  • Unpeaceful Contemplations, Poets of Tomorrow (Young Poets of Ohio anthology), National Poetry Press, 1979
  • Eden's Apple, New Horizons '80 (Young Poets of America anthology), National Poetry Press, 1980
  • Combat Frist Aid and Triage in a Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Environment, USAF, Sembach AB, GE, US Department of Defense, (co-author revisions and update), 1982
  • A Royal Welcome, USAF, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, (contributing photographer and writer), 1984
  • University of Dayton, Department of Biology, Research Lab Assistant to HA Benghuzzi & Dr. Prafulla K. Bajpai, Organic Encapsulated Drug Delivery Systems Project (ALCAP), co-authored prospectuses and abstracts for articles in Bio-Medical Journals, 1988-1990
    • Effects of delivering different amounts of dihydrotestosterone by ceramic implants on the reproductive system of male rats., Journal of biomededical scientific instrumentation. 1989;25:179-89.
    • Ceramic systems for long-term delivery of chemicals and biologicals., Journal of applied biomaterials : an official journal of the Society for Biomaterials 1:3 1990 pg 233-40.
    • The Delivery of Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone by ALCAP Ceramic Implants in Rats, Journal of investigative surgery : the official journal of the Academy of Surgical Research
    • Suppression of spermatogenesis by means of continuous delivery of danazol in combination with dihydrotestosterone from ALCAP drug delivery devices., Biomedical sciences instrumentation 26:141-9
  • Technical Support Training Manual,, 1999
  • interActual Technologies Technical Support Training Manual, interActual Technologies, 2000
  • Construction and Integration of the interActual GUI in interactive DVDs, interActual Technologies, (contributing author) 2001
  • interActual Technologies, software development and integration in DVD movies, interActual Technologies, 1999-2000
    • Mission: Impossible II, Paramount Pictures, 2000 (interactive content and testing)
    • The Little Vampire, New Line Cinema, 2000 (interactive content and testing)
    • The Bridge on the River Kwai, Horizon Pictures, 2001 (interactive content and testing)
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25th Anniversary Edition, 20th Century Fox, 2001 (interactive content and testing)
    • The Mummy, Universal Pictures, 1999 (interactive content and testing)
  • The Post Turtle, San Francisco Independent, Pan Asia Venture Capital Corp., 2001 (political satire)
  • Tooth Fairy ("10-word novel"), Dime Show Review, Dime Show Review Publications (digital and print), 2016
  • [honored], Young Raven's Literary Review, 2016
  • STAIN, I Am Not a Silent Poet, 2016 (mature-childhood sexual abuse)
  • 5 haiku, Rising Phoenxi Review, 2016
    • [stubborn leaves]
    • [naked branches]
    • [sculptor]
    • [coming home]
    • [ripples in clouds]
  • [honored], Young Raven's Literary Review, 2016
  • Brother's Eulogy[7], Literary Orphans, edited by Katie Pertunnen, Literary Orphans Press[8], 2016

Blue Coyote Books projects[edit]

  • Caretaker I: A Soiled Heritage (a novel), Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (to be released in 2017)
  • Caretaker I: Reborn (a novel), Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (to be released in 2017)
  • Nature of the Beast (a novel), Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (to be released in 2018)
  • Naturally Haiku (anthology), edited by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (release date unknown)
  • Zen Torn Inside Out: Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (anthology), edited by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (release date unknown)
  • On Three Legs: Living with Mental Illness (anthology), edited by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (release date unknown)
  • Beneath a Different Moon (anthology-anthropomorphic stories and poetry), edited by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (release date unknown)
  • Paws, Claws & Tails Up! (anthology-anthropomorphic erotica), edited by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow Blue Coyote Books, 2016 (release date unknown)


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