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Bambioids on the cover of the fanzine, "Real Life"

Bambioids, also known as the Haku Hasin, are a race of humanoid Cervidae (Deer) alien beings, created by furry artist Jerry Collins.


A highly advanced space-faring "gender-egalitarian matriarchy", they are well known for their penchant for skintight, pseudo-fetish warrior leather gear and similar provocative outfits, along with highly menacing, fearsome and destructive weaponry, spiffy space craft, and a lusty love of life.

Bambioids' influences[edit]

Gallant and courageous, they were inspired by the exploits of Boudicca, St. Joan, Norse Valkyries, Tolkien's Elves, Modesty Blaise, Emma Peel, Matsumoto's Queen Emeraldus, Osamu Tezuka's "Princess Knight", and Vaughn Bode's Belinda Bump and the "Broads" of the Junkwaffle/Dead Bone/Union Penny Universes.

Feisty, but not bitchy!

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