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Balto Woof.

Balto Woof is a fursuiter who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.


[edit] Fandom involvement

Balto Woof has been in the fandom since 1994. Balto is the Managing Member of Made Fur You, LLC (a professional costuming company) with Syber. Balto and Syber have been together since September 2008, but their relationship ended in 2012.

[edit] Character /fursona

Balto Woof is a male husky/wolf hybrid. His character came to be in 1994 on FurryMUCK and IRC chats. Originally, his name was just "Balto", but, due to the release of Balto (the animated film), a variance was added to his name many years later.

[edit] Fursuit

The design of Balto Woof's fursuit was created by Balto Woof himself, though Moose BMD was the artist who created the concept art. Fursuit designer Soki Twopaw, of Blue Nose Concepts, built Balto Woof from the ground up.[1][2] The version 1 fursuit was completed in June 2008, and the version 2 fursuit was completed in January 2010.[3]

Balto also owns several other suits. A few of which are Teef and Aphox. Both were created by Java Costumes.

[edit] Conventions attended

[edit] References

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