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The Baked Furs were initially a parody group in the early 2000s, created in response to the Burned Furs and its (serious) counterparts, such as the Freezing Furs.

The "Baked" term referred to the state of somebody being under the influence of drug intoxication, particularly by the use of Cannabis. By 2006, the name had been co-opted by furries who are actually users of recreational drugs.


The original group was created when furry artist Fel created a badge showing a "raver" fur, eyes and glowsticks shining, based on Zixalus' character. These badges were intended as entry badges to a party at Further Confusion that was ultimately held in Tom Howling's room (the invitation list quickly diverged from that plan.)[citation needed]

No further intended use of this group was further considered beyond this particular room party.

Meaning change[edit]

By 2006, the present definition of a Baked Fur has changed to denote any furry who is part of the underground furry drug-culture, either by deed or acceptance. Some Second Life members have come to prefer the use of the term 420 Furs.


Several sites and forums are currently available to baked furs, such as the Baked Furs LiveJournal community (originally "friends-only", now open to everybody.)

The FurNet IRC #bakedfurs channel was revived in 2006 under new management, after a split from the #stonedfurs channel.

A deviantART club is also available under the name BakedFursClub ("DROP ACID NOT BOMBS.") Its philosophy and rules are stated as follows:

Baked Furs (group)
Please remember that this is a club strictly for the sharing of anthropomorphic art, focusing on the drug culture and the things involved with it.

Like two of our affiliates, we are a sub culture of anthro art.

Again, please remember that this is a club for the art, and the scenes depicted do not always represent the personal life of the artist and if you harrass them for it then you are truly a mean-hearted, close-minded dickweed. Thank you

Baked Furs (group)

On August 10th, 2007,, a furry community dedicated to all recreational drug using furries, came online.

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