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Bailey "Shuichi" McAllister at a photo shoot, shirtless.

Bailey McAllister, also known as Midnight Breeze and Shuichi (Japanese: 修一 shuuichi, born December 27, 1995)[1], is a Jewish homosexual submissive living in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A who shares a birthday with his BDSM master[2] and is apparently emo[3]. He is a wolf, according to his pictures.[4] He apparently also is an outstandingly-trained anime artist who specializes in nude anthopomorphic anime art.[5] He is currently creating Boys Will Be Boys, a fictional series of anthropomorphic homoeroticism.[6]

Furry/BDSM friends[edit]

Naota Takahashi (高橋ナオ太) shortly before he attained his new slave.

Bailey McAllister has several people who he likes to hang out with, some of them being equine (who he hangs out mostly with), vulpine and lupine. Some of his friends include:

  • Naota Takahashi (Japanese: 高橋ナオ太 takahashi naota) - A kitsune, is Bailey's BDSM master, who he lives with in Brooklyn.
  • Joe Wolf - Joey, as his friends call him, has a crush on Bailey. He often classifies himself as a twink in term, but not appearance.
  • Tevye, Motel, and Mordechai Freeman - Three Jewish equine bisexuals that met Bailey in a synagogue.


Bailey is a submissive to his BDSM master, Naota Takahashi. He and his master have had sexual relations in the past with the uses of bullwhips, harnesses, and other forms of torture.

Naota likes to alternate the roles of master and slave with Bailey. Bailey enjoys listening to the band Black Sabbath while being tortured.


Bondage class: Bailey "Shuichi" McAllister and his new master.



Artists (music)[edit]

  • Evanescence
  • iKorinth (Keenen Davis)
  • The Backstreet Boys
  • Blink-182
  • JoJo (Joanna Levesque)
  • Linkin Park
  • Black Sabbath (mainly Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Alex C. (especially her song feat. Y-Ass, Doktorspiele)


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