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Bahumat (born 1982)[1] is an author and member of the Furry Writers Guild, and a member of the Edmonton Furry Cabal. His fursona is a dragon.[2]

Bahumat is a member of the Furry Writer's Guild, his profile can be found here. He was interviewed for the Writer's Spotlight on November 15th, 2014, here.

Bahumat is the writer and visual art director for "Laika Dosha", a science-fiction visual novel game produced by HTBH Games.

A professional technical writer, he occasionally tears himself away from paying work to publish stories with anthropomorphic characters. His short story Danang Heat can be found in Heat issue #3.[3] His short story Prospero can be found in Abandoned Places, edited by Tarl Voice Hocht.

Bahumat was present at All Fur Fun in 2007 as a sponsor, and was also a sponsor at RainFurrest in 2008.


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