Bad Neverland

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Bad Neverland
BadNeverland Logo.jpg
Author(s) Mouse and Veros
Status Dead
Genre adult, yiff, transformation, fetish, Anthro
Adult 18+

Bad Neverland is a free porn game with a huge amount of furry content, as well as other fetishes and sexualities. Bad Neverland has a unique fetish and sexuality content system that completely transforms the game to match your your interests without locking off content. In furry mode, furry characters in the game can taint other characters by having sex with them, and so transform them into their species. The game has a huge and varied world with different regions based around themes such as the Savana, Jungle, City, Forest, Beach, and so on. The game also features sex-based combat and interactive sex scenes with anthro and human characters, as well as hundreds of sex scenes to spy on, all of which tailored to your own custom fetish and sexuality settings.

Playing the game[edit]

The game can be downloaded or played online from the main Bad Neverland website Updates and information on the blog page here.

Current status[edit]

After the final Wordpress post in 2018, the devs have gone completely silent. The official website and Patreon are both gone, and it seems this is now a dead project.