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Bad Dragon
Bad Dragon logo by Narse
Author(s) Co-Founders & Owners: Varka, Athus[1], Narse, Raith
Launch date June 6, 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Vendor
  • Motto: Making fantasies real
Censor NC17 button.png

Bad Dragon is the name of a business co-founded and owned by Varka, Narse, Athus[1], and Raith. Bad Dragon specializes in toys of a sexual nature and is a website and community intended for adults. Its production facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona with a small workshop used mainly for research in Scotland.[citation needed]


On December 7, 2007, Bad Dragon (then unnamed) was announced by Varka on his website Herpy Reference Archive.[2] At the time it existed as a small side project of Varka's until he began his "research and development" phase. Bad Dragon officially opened for business on June 6, 2008 and attended Anthrocon 2008.[3]

Bad Dragon's "mission statement" is to "make fantasies real for people who want to indulge in fantasies of their favourite species either in private, or with others."[4]

As of August 2011, wait times are on average six weeks: three weeks from Processing to Manufacture and three weeks from Manufacture to Shipping. These are averages and may vary subject to the toy and size in question.[5]

Bad Dragon owns or sponsors several furry online services through its subsidiary Dragonfruit Ventures, including e621, F-list and a cache for Inkbunny.


Bad Dragon's catalogue of available toys and products are largely inspired by the anatomy of feral animals. However in some instances, such as the Anthro Dragoness and Anthro Orca, human characteristics have been incorporated into the toy design. In an effort to clarify confusion (especially in the "rumoured" section of products) the adjectives "Feral" and "Anthro" have been used to differentiate between products, more notably the Anthro Dragoness and the rumoured Feral Dragoness. (Symbol male.gif & Symbol female.gif are used to denote the genders of the toys when necessary. Toys with a dual functionality are noted with both symbols. Androgynous or non-specific toys do not have a symbol.)

Male toys[edit]

  • The Anthro DragonSymbol male.gif (upgraded to 3D-printed version on 8/4/09)
  • The Ridgeback 3.0Symbol male.gif (upgraded to 3D-printed version on 8/4/09)
  • The DolphinSymbol male.gif (Released 7/29/2009)
  • The XenogonSymbol male.gif (Released 7/21/2009)
  • The NagaSymbol male.gif (Released 6/23/2009)
  • The Tailstretcher (Released 6/9/2009)
  • The SeadragonSymbol male.gif (upgraded to 3D-printed version on 5/29/09)
  • The Water HorseSymbol male.gif (Released 4/13/09)
  • The BreederSymbol male.gif (Released 3/12/09)
  • The GryphonSymbol male.gif (Original version released 1/19/09; Newer redesigned version released 5/20/11)
  • The VarkaSymbol male.gif (Released 1/5/09)
  • The WallabySymbol male.gif
  • The Fennec FoxSymbol male.gif
  • The FusionSymbol male.gif (wolf/dragon hybrid)
  • Desi the OrcaSymbol male.gif
  • The OrkinSymbol male.gif
  • The Dragon's Tongue
  • Razor The DobermanSymbol male.gif
  • The AdolescentSymbol male.gif
  • The DemiSymbol male.gif
  • The ChimeraSymbol male.gif (dragon/horse hybrid)
  • Vergil the Drippy DragonSymbol male.gif (formerly The Tailcock)
  • Duke The Bad DragonSymbol male.gif (Bad Dragon's Mascot)
  • Chance the StallionSymbol male.gif(available in both flared and unflared; Released 5/21/10)
  • David the WerewolfSymbol male.gif (Released 9/24/10)
  • Elden the Faerie DragonSymbol male.gif (Released 2/24/11)
  • Xar the KarabosSymbol male.gif (Released 4/4/11)
  • Crackers the CockatriceSymbol male.gif (Released 7/29/11)
  • Winston's Tail (Released 8/27/11)
  • Bruiser the FusionSymbol male.gif (canine/dragon hybrid) (Released 9/29/11)
  • Chico the Lil SquirtSymbol male.gif
  • Moko the LigerSymbol male.gif (lion/tiger hybrid) (Released 1/27/12)
  • Cole the DaneSymbol male.gif (Released 5/26/12)
  • Clayton the Earth DragonSymbol male.gif (Released 7/20/12)

Female toys[edit]

  • Janine the Anthro DragonessSymbol female.gif (R1 of 100 beta version units released 5/9/09, R2 of 50 units on 6/27/09. Final version released to the public on 3/9/10 in weekly quantities.)
  • Natascha the Anthro HuskySymbol female.gif (Released 6/29/11)
  • Mary the Anthro MareSymbol female.gif (Released 1/27/11)


  • Gift Cards/"Bad Dragon Bucks"
  • Silicone Sample Sets (comes in each of the three firmnesses)
  • Durex® Brand Condoms
  • Bad Dragon™ "Cum Lube" (sample sizes come free with most purchases)[6]


  • Bad Dragon Pens
  • Bad Dragon Pin Badges
  • Bad Dragon yearly Calendar

Announced products[edit]

  • The Panther's PrideSymbol male.gif[7]
  • The KippySymbol male.gif[8]

Discontinued/limited time products[edit]

  • The Anthro DragonSymbol male.gif (upgraded to 3D-printed version on 04 August 2009)
  • The Ridgeback 2.0Symbol male.gif (upgraded to 3D-printed version on 04 August 2009)
  • The Mini SeadragonSymbol male.gif (replaced with the "small" option on the 3D-printed version of The Seadragon on 29 May 2009)
  • The (Original) SeadragonSymbol male.gif (upgraded to 3D-printed version on 29 May 2009)
  • The Freeman (only available on April 1, 2009)
  • The RidgebackSymbol male.gif (upgraded to a version without the 3 spines when the website opened)
  • The Flashlight (only available on April 1, 2010)
  • The Bowling Pin (only available on April 1, 2011)
  • The GryphonSymbol male.gif (upgraded to a newer, revamped version on 5/20/11)
  • Silicone Shot Glasses (only available on April 1, 2012)

Shipping & handling[edit]

Bad Dragon provides discreet shipping for all of their products. Orders arrive in a plain brown box with only a return address and the name "BAD DRAGON" does not appear in credit card or bank statements. Toys were originally offered with extra internal packaging features such as tissue paper (which is now standard with all orders) and special toy boxes.[9] The toy boxes were only available at Bad Dragon's debut at Anthrocon 2008 and have since become collectible Bad Dragon memorabilia alongside the official Bad Dragon banners that were auctioned off at Further Confusion 2009.

As for 2014 shipping is by Fedex and UPS, so international shipping is extremely expensive.

Design and development[edit]

A large portion of the ideas that support Bad Dragon's growing catalog of products come from visitors and artists who submit their own designs or ideas for consideration. Customers are encouraged to submit their ideas and designs which has been made easier with a downloadable and easy to fill-out form. [10]

During Varka's preliminary announcement of Bad Dragon on the Herpy website, male (and in some cases female) castings of actual animals were mentioned but as of May 2009 the company's catalog is strictly fantasy featuring designs inspired by real and fictional animal anatomy.

Convention attendance[edit]

Much of Bad Dragon's success in popularity and sales can be attributed to the company attending and dealing at various furry conventions. It, at first, started out as an Anthrocon exclusive vendor but starting in 2010 it branched out to other conventions. Here is a list of previously attended conventions, as well as ones Bad Dragon is expecting to attend in future. (Bold text for previously attended, italicised for expecting to attend)

(*) Anthrocon changes - For the foreseeable future, Bad Dragon will not be attending AC as a company[11]. This was due to AC's changes to the Anthrocon 2012 Dealer Information Packet[12], specifically:

Bad Dragon
VI. Other Restrictions. B. Items of a distinctly adult nature whose primary purpose is functional rather than artistic are prohibited (if you do not know what that means, please contact us and we will explain).
Bad Dragon

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