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Bad Animals is a short video by David Birdsell. The video was included on RESFest's Best Of Resfest Shorts volume 2.

The plot is a human (played by David Koff) starts getting followed by three people in animal costumes.

Description at YouTube is "A man encounters some animals. They are bad."

Description on RESFest DVD is "Filmmaker David Birdsell's latest short, the cheerfully ridiculous Bad Animals, pits an ill-fated bus rider against several large furry creatures who've run amok."

On the RESFest DVD, Bad Animals has a copyright date of 2000, but the video at YouTube has copyright date of 2006 (possibly due to minor change in credits).


The credits in the video are:

  • human: David Koff
  • chicken: Bennett Graebner
  • mouse: Mike Schwab
  • bear: Nicholas Panoutsopoulos

On the RESFest DVD credit for Mark Skoner is "also" (possibility part of crew?). In the YouTube version Mark's credit is "Thanks".

RESFest DVD has additional credits, crediting David Birdsell as director/producer/camera and writer/editor.

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