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Lineless headshot of Blu's fursona
Blu wearing a brown leather jacket and his signature bandanna, while holding his blue popsicle prop (by SinghaTheLion).
Blu behind the camera in his Singha suit
Tiger/Singha meeting Tony Tan at Chingay 2012
Daiso Fox
Singha Photography current logo
Singha Photography initial logo
TigerOfTheWind's logo

Baby Blu, also known as Blusicurl, Blu Doggo, Blu, SinghaTheLion, Singha, and formerly TigerOfTheWind (born February 19), (born in Singapore) is a fursuiter, photographer,[1], organizer, DJ, and MILFur who in lived in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.[2] before moving back to Singapore in 2018.


Blu was born and raised in Singapore. He worked towards being an animal trainer, and started out locally in Singapore with retired race horses, progressing to dolphins in various parts of Asia. After the dolphin training, Blu moved down to the Marine Conservation Institute because he felt that, after his experience with dolphin training, the ethnics he learned did not please him.

Due to being born in Singapore, Blu is a member of the Singapore Armed Forces, being on reserves until he's 40, per Singaporean law.

Fandom involvement[edit]

At first, his fandom was not furry, but instead the inflatable fandom, which was his was his gateway to the furry fandom in 2009. Not only was this an opportunity for Blu to meet new people with similar interests, but furries in general were great subjects for his photography. It was in 2013 that Singha Photography was born.

At Chingay 2012, Blu was able to meet the President of Singapore, Tony Tan Keng Yam, in fursuit as Tiger/Rygar.

Blu is involved in the Emerald City Critters[1], a non-profit furry mascot organization that works with charities; the founder of which is Kijani, the first person Blu met when he moved to America.

Blu was an active participant in the Singapore Furs, taking on the role of organizer. He is a vice-chair of Singaporean convention Little Island Furcon.

At Furs Upon Malaysia 2016, Blu held his very first DJ set.


Blu's main fursona is a blue and white husky.


Blu owns six fursuits, three made by Made Fur You, one made by Don't Hug Cacti, one by an unknown maker, and one made by himself. He is often seen wearing either his custom kigu, which is designed in the likeness of his fursona, or his blue Yukata printed with white petals, with a yellow obi printed with white flowers.

When in full or partial suiting while wearing his kigu, he almost always has on his signature bandanna, which is blue and white with multiple goldfish on it He usually carries a prop popsicle with him as well as a prop camera. He is known for his signature high-pitched scream. He, like most fursuiters, does not speak when suiting, however, he does make high pitched noises, which seems to be his language when fursuiting.

  • Blusicurl debuted at Anthrocon 2015. It features a blue heart on its left cheek right below the left eye. The light glare in the suit's eyes is in the shape of hearts. The suit has a blue heart located on its rear below and to the right of the tail, on the suit's "behind". An image exists of Blu where what appears to be whiskers are present on the suit head. Four were located on the muzzle, two on each side, and an additional four were located on the edges of the face near where the white fur meets the blue fur. These whiskers are no longer present, and were added as a joke/experiment according to him. The overall design of Blusicurl is very close to Tiger of the Wind, and is intended to be a spiritual successor of his Quad Suit of Tiger.
  • Singha (first generation): Singha is a Fire Lion that is based off of the mystical Thai Beer which has been going to conventions and furmeets since 2011. The suit was made by Made Fur You. He serves as the mascot of SinghaPhotogrophy, Blu's photography business.
  • Singha (second generation): In 2021, Blu got a redesigned version of Singha from Made Fur You. He made his US con debut at Anthrocon 2022.
  • Tiger of the Wind: He is a character that comes from Monster Rancher. Blu has been cosplaying as Tiger since 2010/2011, and made a Quad suit for this character. He is the predecessor of Blusicurl, and was Blu's first fursuit.
  • Unnamed DHC Suit: This suit was made by Don't Hug Cacti, and has a very simple design. It is unknown if Blu will ever wear this suit again (or if he still owns it) in the wake of the DCH controversy.
  • Daiso: Daiso is a fox that is named after the famous $2 store Daiso Japan. This was Blu's newest character, which debuted at VancouFur 2014. It is currently in the possession of a friend of Blu's.


On November 18, 2018, Blu, along with Xusho, Laetans, and countless other fursuiters attending Anthro Northwest 2017 had cameo appearances in the show This Is Life with Lisa Ling in the episode titled Furry Nation, which aired on CNN.[citation needed]


Red vs. Blue: Furry Battle on Majira Strawberry's Youtube Channel (Jun 28, 2017).[clarify]


Blu is a massive fan of Subaru, and loves the Impreza, WRX, and WRX STI models. According to his Twitter bio, he is a Subaru Ambassador,[clarify] as well as an automotive enthusiast. He is also an avid fan of Subaru rally races and has a liking for cars in general. His most favorite is the Jaguar E-Type. He has owned several cars since moving to the US. The known vehicles he's owned were:

  • Pontiac Vibe (pre-facelift 1st gen. This was his first car).
  • Jaguar XK8 (painted British Racing Green)
  • Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3 16v Cosworth (he owned two).
  • 2013 Ford Focus RS (sold to a friend, later totaled in an accident).
  • 2017 Subaru Legacy 2.5 Turbo (bought when he moved back to Singapore, no longer in his possession).

He has stated, in reply to a user on Instagram, that he has a caffeine addiction, and has a liking for coffee, particularly Starbucks. He also has a liking for the Swedish retail store Ikea, and even went to the first Ikea store in Sweden.[citation needed]

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) DJ


Formerly known as TigerOfTheWind Photography, Singha Photography spans from furry conventions, to character photoshoots.

Prior to being a furry photographer, Blu was part of the production of Walking with Dinosaurs as a backstage photographer and documentarian.

Blu's photography career also enabled him to be the photographer for King County's K-9 Search & Rescue.


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