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Baby Blu wearing a brown leather jacket and his signature bandanna, while holding his prop blue popsicle (photo by Singha Photography)

Baby Blu, often known as Blusicurl, or simply Blu (born February 19th, 1995) is a fursuiter from Seattle, Washington.

His fursona is a blue and white husky. He owns two fursuits, one made by Made Fur You, and the other by Don't Hug Cacti. He is often seen wearing either his custom kigu, or his blue Yukata printed with white petals, with a yellow obi printed with difficult-to-see white flowers. He usually carries a prop popsicle with him as well as a prop camera, and has a signature high-pitched scream. He, like most fursuiters, does not speak when suiting, however he does make high pitched noises, which seems to be his language when fursuiting.

Baby Blu's Made Fur You suit debuted at Anthrocon 2015. It features a blue heart on its left cheek right below the left eye. The "light glare" in the suit's eyes are in the shape of hearts. The suit has a blue heart located on its rear below and to the right of the tail, on the suit's "behind".

At FURUM 2016, Blu held his very first DJ set.

On November 18, 2018, Blu, along with Xusho, Laetans, and countless other fursuiters attending Anthro Northwest 2017 had cameo appearances in the show This Is Life with Lisa Ling in the episode titled Furry Nation, which aired on CNN.

Personal information[edit]

Blu is a massive fan of Subaru, and loves the Impreza, WRX, and WRX STI models. According to his twitter bio, he is a Subaru Ambassador, as well as an automotive enthusiast. He is also an avid fan of Subaru rally races and has a liking for cars in general.

He has stated, in reply to a user on instagram, that he has a caffeine addiction and has a liking for coffee, particularly Starbucks.

Blu also has a liking for the Swedish retail store Ikea and even went to the first Ikea store in Sweden, which he was very excited and happy about.

Blu is known for going on what he calls "wild" adventures and often travels to many parts of the world to make new friends and hang out with old ones as well.

Blu used to be in the military, as seen in pictures of him with some military vehicles and wearing a military suit or gear.

He is also best friends with Cloud Husky Landar and is often seen with him.

His "blue brother" (as stated on his Fur Affinity page) is a fursuiter named Flopsicurl. Both are a part of the "Blu Crew" which Blu is the leader of.

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