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Cub Social Network
Author(s) Site Administrators
Site Moderators
Status Offline
Launch date April 18, 2011
End date Late 2018
Genre Social Networking
Web 14

BabyFur.ME was a social networking community built specifically for the babyfurs community, once opened to age 14+ members of the furry fandom that identified as Adult Babies(AB) and/or Diaper Lovers(DL), collectively referred to as the ABDL community, inside and outside of the furry community. The community was also open to furs that identified as caretakers of, or were supportive of the babyfur community. BabyFur.ME registration were limited to these groups and did not allow for access to the non-furries. User submitted content were also not accessible without a member registration. BabyFur.ME was a FurryUnited website.

Purpose and Mission Statement[edit]

BabyFur.ME was founded to bring the general babyfur community closer together. As a social networking site, it provided a much needed media rich forum for communication among babyfur community members. BabyFur.ME's registration limitations were put in place to ensure that the community remains a subset of the general furry community. The BabyFur.ME mission statement wass: "To unite babyfur’s from all over the globe, providing a common interest group forum tailored toward providing a safe, secure and protected medium for members of that interest group to express those interests and communicate with others who share those interests." The administration staff of BabyFur.ME were committed to ensuring that the community is protected from bashing, harassment, or ridicule; specifically for their involvement with the babyfur community.


BabyFur.ME was founded in mid April 2011 by Fuzzy. By the end of May the site had seen over 1,000 new member registrations and over 1,000,000 page views. In it's fourth month of operation BabyFur.ME had received a cumulative member registration of just over 1,500 with just over 3,200,000 page views and 18,200 mutual friendships confirmed. It's first quarter operation statistics affirmed the success of the site's mission statement.

BabyFur.ME's first year statistics showed that the community grew significantly with over 2,600 registrations worldwide (2,300+ active memberships), just under 10 million page views, 31,000+ mutual friendships and 176,000+ status updates. [1]

Sometime in late 2018, the site went down and as of June 8th, 2020, it hasn't went back up, and it is safe to assume it is dead.

Features and Content[edit]

Site logo

The BabyFur.ME administration staff respects it's members right to privacy and thus all user added content is only accessible to it's registered members. The site was not created with the intent for social networking outside of the babyfur community. Another consideration that prompted for the content to be restricted is the ability of the administration staff to keep a tight watch on trolling or otherwise bashing, harassment, or ridicule of it's members. This allows the removal and banning of such accounts to occur with haste.

Some of the more notable primary features are similar to most mainstream social networking sites. Such features as those like the ability to post and comment on status updates, photos, links, videos as well as friendships, following (for status updates), event planning, groups, forums, and polls.


  1. "BabyFur.ME - First Year Statistics". April 27, 2012. BabyFur.ME.

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