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Babs' fursona - Babs
For the Tiny Toons character, see Babs Bunny (character).

Babs Bunny (real name Juliette Magera), is an artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Lili Fox surprised by a famous mouse

Babs has attended many conventions, and was the Panelist of Honor at Rocket City Furmeet 2005. She created Durabbit Durabbit, a furry send-up[clarify] of the rock group Duran Duran.

Babs is also a fursuiter and a puppeteer. She is the player of Bunny Bloom (a character from the mind of Eric Schwartz), Money Penny, Lili Fox, and Cheeto. She loves to perform in fursuit parades as well as at furry conventions/fursuiting functions.

Her puppets have made appearances on the Funday Pawpet Show and on Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends.[citation needed] The most well known of these is Nick Rhabbit, built primarily by Babs herself. Nick is a grey rabbit parody of Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. In 2006, she debuted a replica of Baby Rowlf of Muppet Babies fame at Midwest Furfest.


Babs' fursona is Babbette Lilias Jackrabbit ("Babs Bunny" for short, after the Tiny Toon Adventures character), a fuschia and pink rabbit with an early-80s punk look.

Convention attendance[edit]

Lili Fox[edit]

Lili Fox is a character created by Babs Bunny in 2004. She is an arctic fox, all white except for pale blue markings on her front paws, toes, tail tip, and eartips. She has a pink tuft of hair, adorned with a snow lily flower. In addition to the flower, Lili wears a purple tie with a yellow peace sign on it.

The creation of the character Lili was inspired by a plane trip home from Further Confusion, which took a route over Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

According to Babs:

Babs Bunny (person)
"My mother was an animal naturalist, and spent a lot of time filming animal documentaries in Jackson Hole. That area was her mecca, and she always wanted me to see it. However, she passed away before that could ever happen. Flying over Jackson Hole was the closest I had ever been, and I wanted to give a heads up to my mother in some form as a result."
Babs Bunny (person)

That 'heads up' came along in May 2004, when Babs doodled up an arctic fox. After working with the design a little, Babs fell in love with the design. She says:

Babs Bunny (person)
"I had always thought about creating a fox character. But at the time, everyone had a fox design. If I was going to create a fox, it had to have some purpose. When I first created Lili, she was something I wanted to work with and really bring to life. Flying over Jackson Hole was also still fresh in my I decided to make that her hometown."
Babs Bunny (person)

In October 2004, Arend Studios created the Lili fursuit, where she debuted at Midwest Furfest that same year.


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