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Ba'ar kicking back

Ba'ar (a contraction of Bartholomew Bear) is a fursuiter who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. His fursona is a bear, which is also his totem animal.

Ba'ar began fursuiting in 2001 when he saw all the fun the fursuiters were having and decided to have a fursuit made for himself. Acquiring some ursine prosthetics from Super Jay, Ba'ar's costume took shape and since his debut at Anthrocon 2001 has undergone several alterations to arrive at its current form[1].

Ba'ar calls Further Confusion his home away from home, but has been seen at other conventions such as Midwest FurFest, ConFurence, and Morphicon.

Ba'ar not only can be seen in fursuit form at conventions, he also can be seen on MUCKs, most notably Spindizzy, where he can be seen in the Rose Garden chatting cheerily with the usual crowd.


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