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BNA: Brand New Animal (Japanese: BNA ビー・エヌ・エー, Hepburn: Bī Enu Ē), or simply BNA, is an original Japanese anime television series produced by Studio Trigger and directed by Yoh Yoshinari.

The first six episodes premiered in Japan in March 2020, with another six episodes airing in May of the same year. BNA was released worldwide on June 30, 2020, on the American subscription video-on-demand/streaming service, Netfilx.


BNA's official anime series poster

BNA takes place in a world where humans co-exist with beastman, a hidden branch of humanity that can shift into a beast form. After living in the shadows of history for millennia, their existence finally comes to light.

Because they are now heavily hunted by human Beast Hunters, most of them now live in a haven called Anima City.

The protagonist, Michiru Kagemori, is a teenage human who suddenly finds herself turning into a tanuki beastman, and is forced to flee to Anima City to try to find a cure. There she encounters its protector, Shirou Ogami, a wolf beastman (employed by Anima's mayor, Barballet Rosé, a naked mole rat beastman), who agrees to help her investigate the truth behind her transformation.

List of characters[edit]

  • Michiru Kagemori (tanuki)
  • Shirou Ogami (wolf)
  • Barballet Rosé (naked mole rat)
  • Nazuna Hiwatashi (kitsune)
  • Marie Itami (mink)

BNA and furry[edit]

Within the fandom, fanart of Michiru (and other additional BNA characters) is fairly popular, especially when paired off with Shirou and Nazuna.[1] BNA was nominated for the 2020 Ursa Major Awards for the Best Dramatic Series (losing to Beastars, another Japanese anime television series).


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