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BigBlueFox, as drawn by himself
BigBlueFox (often just called BBF) is a German furry artist and fursuiter who often portrays himself as a blue fox of varying size. He's also a video, photography and music enthusiast, and a staff member of Eurofurence.

BBF was the Guest of Honour at Megaplex 8 (July 2009), ConFuzzled 2008, MiDFur 12 (2010/2011), Furry Connection North 2013, and Furry Fiesta 2014. He was inducted into the MiDFur Furry Hall of Fame in 2010.


In the past, BBF has drawn mostly cartoony art, sketched and inked on paper and then colored digitally. For a brief period he moved on into the world of real-media, producing his cartoony art on bristol board, colored with markers. In the last year, he cut back on classic 2D artwork and began to delve deeper into the world of 3D animation.


BigBlueFox has been the resident DJ at Eurofurence and Mephit Mini Con since 2002 and is a regular at furry conventions and events such as Further Confusion, Anthrocon, Confuzzled or the Cologne Furdance. He used to produce his own dance music a few years ago, and he still produces megamixes.


In 2005 he entered the field of fursuiting and currently owns six fursuits:

BigBlueFox owned another fursuit:

  • Lou C. Fur (devil wolf, made by Arend Studios, bought used from Falli 2008, sold to Kralle in Fall 2009)


Since Eurofurence 10, BBF has been lead of videography and DVD production for Eurofurence and also runs the Eurofurence TV channel EF Prime which broadcasts within the main hotel during the convention. Since 2011, he is also the DJ liaison and runs the fursuit dance competition Enter The Arena.

He started the official Fursuit Photo Shooting in 2006, which is now organized and run by Thalian and has also performed in several other staff positions in the past, including Dealer's Den manager, webdesigner for the websites of EF 10, EF 12 and EF 13, and conbadge designer for EF 11 and EF 12.


The best way to find BBF is to watch out for big, fancy cameras, as he's an avid photographer and videographer. He has produced several short clips and videos for F8K, the DoPE show, and Further Confusion, and has helped with camera work at Anthrocon. He's also known for producing convention videos, mostly from his visits to Anthrocon, Further Confusion and Mephit Mini Con. His works are usually released under the name of a fictional production company, BBF Television.

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