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BARA is an image board featuring images of muscle men. The name comes from the Japanese term Barazoku, which was a gay-oriented magazine in Japan for many years before the popularity of G-Men. It hosts primarily gay content, with no official support for content featuring females.


The main image board contains four categories: Real, Drawn, Furry, and Alternate (containing anything that could be considered "objectionable" by certain users of the other boards, such as straight/bisexual, scat and guro). The board also has an oekaki board and social board for general discussion, generally about gay culture, anime and video games, and other general non-porn interests.


This board was originally a small but active sub-board of the now-defunct AnonIB, by the name "bara0" (derived from the URL of the board). When that site went down permanently due to numerous complaints of CP, IB4F took its place and bara0 followed there. The same problems that AnonIB faced struck IB4F as well, and their life cycles were vastly similar. When IB4F fell, the community felt it was in their best interests to remove themselves from such services and create their own board that would actually survive. Using the forum community hub at as a base, user ZokuBL created the new website on December 3, 2010.

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