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Blaster Hedgie (B.H.) is the alias and Hedgehog character of a member of the furry fandom who made his first appearance at Duckon VIII in 1999. He has appeared at FCY2K, FC 2001, 2002 and 2003, and performed in the FVS at each one. As well, Blaster Hedgie has been featured on the Rapid T. Rabbit show.

He has not attended any further conventions due to the Blaster suit aging and needing to be retired. Other forms of B.H. (Super B.H. and Dark B.H.) have appeared at previous conventions.

B.H.2, as drawn by Wardy.

B.H.2 is the second incarnation of Blaster. B.H.2 is more refined and tougher-looking character, without Blaster's Sonic-Style features, bionic arm and trainers. Instead, B.H.2, who has pure white eyes, wears black body armour and army boots.

Blaster Hedgie helped host an Internet Radio Station, TigerTails Radio, with TK Tiger, but pulled out during the third season. He is also a member of the Hantsfurs group, which was originally created by SlyCat.

Blaster 2 is the name given to the 2nd suit being created for the character of Blaster Hedgie. The suit was being built by Mixed Candy, and the concept art was drawn by UltraViolet. The project has been put on hold, however, due to Blaster Hedgie's inability to save enough funds to complete the payments.

Blaster 2, as drawn by Ultraviolet

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