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Art commission made by Zoe

Azzre (Jason Amand;born July 18, 1999)[1], is a furry who lives in Lehigh Acres, Florida[2], USA. Azzre joining the Furry Fandom on October 16th, 2016.


  • Azzre Fox/Wolf - Created OCTOBER 16th, 2016
  • (WIP Fursona)


Azzre is a male Fox/Wolf Hybrid. He was originally going to be a Grey Wolf, however it was changed to white for becoming a fursuit in the future. His fur is white, black, red, sky blue, and dark grey. His flesh color is a bioluminescent sky blue which can illuminate(sometimes). Azzre has a solid sky blue eyes and long white fluffy tufted hair flowing to right or down the middle. Azzre has perpendicular bands of black on his upper arm near his shoulder and on the upper leg. Azzre's favorite type of music is classical music and instrumental. Azzre's favorite animal is a Fox and a Red Panda.

Art Commissioners[edit]

  1. Dark Rox
  2. Rachelle
  3. Furei Oakstkatsu [3]
  4. LirTheWolf
  5. John Perez
  6. Zoe (x2)
  7. Dark Snivy (x2)

Fursona Art gallery[edit]


Created on June 15th, 2015 [4]. Azzre has a tiny YouTube channel under the name of Furry Azzre[5] on YouTube. The channel has about 50 or more subscribers as of fall 2017[6]. The channel has unofficially been inactive since the last video and will remain inactive until the summer of 2018.


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