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AxxiosGrey (Axxios, formerly known as YinzBlindHund, NormanRoy, KnuclesNRum8910 and Billiont94) is a Pittsburgh-based furry writer, highway traffic flagger, and community activist on iFunny until he was banned from the site in February 2018.[citation needed]


This is Marcus; AxxiosGrey's Fursona.

AxxiosGrey's fursona is a blind grey wolf hybrid by the name of Marcus Rison. Marcus is the main character in a majority of his work on iFunny, which seem to be snippets from a larger work that was written or published off of the application. The physical attributes of Marcus do not align with his visual reference sheet and he is supposedly pictured in the sheet at an age between 13-18.

On iFunny[edit]

Axxios posted furry content on iFunny in addition to memes and conservative political pieces.

On February 14, 2018, Axxios agitated[clarify] groups dedicated to trolling and doxxing furry-themed iFunny accounts. As a result, several iFunny accounts, including AxxiosGrey's, were banned, and thirteen people were connected with crimes related to vandalism of his personal vehicle.[clarify][citation needed]


After his ban from the application, rumors started to surface that he may have returned under a different alias; Confursative. The ties to the two accounts are lousy at best and cite that there is another fast-growing Conservative furry account from Pittsburgh. These rumors are untrue.[clarify][citation needed]

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