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AxleFusky's icon, drawn by Jasper

AxleFusky (born August 31,[1] 1994), formerly known as AxleWulf, is the primary username of Robert Wulfman. He is a DJ, musician, podcaster and mixed media furry and abstract artist, who lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.[2]

Character Description[edit]

Axle (the character) was born a fusky but after various encounters he's gained shapeshifting abilities, tentacles and unique biology.[3] After one particular encounter his tail gained sentience and was later named Zenyx.[4] The Zenyx character also has his own social media profiles on various sites.


Most commonly known as Axle, he frequently changes suffixes. This is usually done to denote what form he is currently taking, but is also used for comedic effect. This sort of name changing is most common over IRC, Twitter and Telegram. He wears a badge that has 49 different versions of his nickname on it in reference of this.[5]

Music Career[edit]

Axle has been DJing and making his own music in a variety of electronic genres since mid 2008.[6] He has been releasing most of his music via Soundcloud and DJ mixes via Mixcloud.

At Furry Fiesta 2016 he performed a two and a half hour long DJ set in the basement con suite, the recording of which can be found on his Mixcloud page[7]. He also performed at Midwest Furfest 2016 on stage thursday night, a set which was also recorded and uploaded[8].

Music For Deaf People[edit]

In 2010 AxleFusky recorded an experimental album under the name Music For Deaf People using KORG DS-10[citation needed] and burned 35 copies which he handed out to friends and family.[9] A year later he recorded a second half to the album which went unreleased until 2012 when both parts were uploaded to his Bandcamp account.[10][11] Stylistically, the project can be described as a combination of dark ambient, noise and space music.

Tracks of the Month[edit]

Since November 2014 he has been releasing a monthly DJ chart on Beatport called Tracks Of The Month[12] which was later expanded into playlists on Soundcloud[13] and Spotify.[14] In June 2016, a podcast was started for the series with the first episode uploaded to Mixcloud,[15] and later episodes on iTunes.[16] The show also features new & unreleased tracks produced by Axle.

Conventions attended[edit]

Notable furmeets[edit]


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